Becker Works, Ltd.


About Becker Works Ltd.



At Becker Works Ltd, our passion derives from the unique beauty in every stone. Our 19-year tenure has placed us as the leading supplier of stone and custom stone fabrication in the Chicagoland area. From kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks, to living room fireplaces and dining room tables,  the craftsmanship of our team can turn your project into reality.

But our true love of carving stone comes to light when we are commissioned to design a truly bespoke stone. These pieces are like sculptures, bringing art into everyday life.

We take pride in our work in this niche market of the industry and still use traditional tools and techniques alongside modern manufacturing methods to carve all our bespoke pieces. Hand-carved stones are designed and completely customized for each environment. No two pieces are ever alike.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it & it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
— Michelangelo

Meet The founder


Sophisticated. Bold. Timeless.

Karina Becker's dedication to excellence, passion for beauty, and eye for detail are the hallmarks of her 19-year career in custom stone fabrication.

As founder and CEO of Becker Works Ltd, her life's work graces commercial projects and homes across the Midwest with elegance and grace. No matter the complexity of the assignment, Karina personally ensures every piece exemplifies the signature Becker Works sophisticated, bold, and timeless craftsmanship.

Every piece of stone is custom crafted in-house by the seasoned staff at the Becker Works Atelier in Chicago. By personally selecting every stone and overseeing every design, Karina’s unique hands on involvement is why she has an unparalleled reputation among architects, designers, developers, and contractors. With each senior member of her staff having at least an 8 year tenure at BeckerWorks, clients appreciate the unique comfort of a long-standing working relationship with the entire Becker Works organization.

Karina’s success stems from a genuine unrivaled passion for stone fabrication and design that has transparently spread to all members of the BeckerWorks family. No matter how small or complicated, the challenge of exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding clients is what drives the vision of Becker Works. The mantra of Becker Works is to always look at each client like special stones - none are the same and each is uniquely precious.

From the initial consultation through installation and completion, an unwavering attention to detail sets Becker Works apart. Karina and the entire Becker Works Ltd family welcomes the opportunity to take your vision and turn into a permanently stunning reality.