Becker Works, Ltd.



intricate elegance

Granite's extremely unique qualities are due, in part to, the three main minerals found in the material.  The glorious white mineral grains are feldspar, the light gray, glass-like grains are quartz, and the black, flake-like grains are biotite. This likely combination creates a captivating and convoluting pattern.


lively storyteller

Through colors, textures, and patterns, each slab of granite, exquisitely unique, tells a visually compelling story of its make. Its age, origin, and soil composition will all have an impact on the colors and quality of the stone. 



Granite’s extraordinarily durable qualities allow the stone to endure more stringent use than any other material. Perfect for surfaces that see their fair share of use, granite is easy to clean and its complex patterns are forgiving when it comes to messes.